Companies need to stay ahead of time.To prepare for what is coming next,organizations need to quickly adapt to changing needs of customers.

Change can be in any form – it can be in the form of cost,revenue or any other thing.We can help you adapt to these changes using various analytical tools and services.We assist organizations to add value,drive positive change in operations and provide results which are measurable and definite.

Organizations spend lot of time and effort in market research,but with constantly changing technology,customer behavior is changing as well.For organizations to keep pace with the changing customer needs it is equally important to focus on Customer behavior and we provide various services to cater to these needs of organizations.

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.

- Ronald Coase, Economist -


  • Holistic Customer View.

    GCT believes in gaining an holistic view of customers across mobile and digital channels which will help in build more engaging relationships.

  • Customer segmentation

    Our Customer Segmentation analyses leverage advanced analytics to help provide a holistic understanding of the traits and attributes that define the different types of customers within your customer base.

  • Target the right customer / Customer Acquisition models

    Identify prospective customers matching your business objectives using our specialized research, market surveys, psychographic profiles and analytics tools to segment audiences.

  • Customer Retention

    With predictive analytics, we identify the full path and sequence the need to take to make the most of customer retention.

  • Customer Loyalty

    GCT Loyalty Analysis will look at all factors driving conversion and retention for each of your customer groups to determine the optimal approach to target and drive loyalty for each customer segment.

  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell

    We identify customers who have a higher propensity of making an additional purchase and target them with innovative and personalized cross selling and up selling strategies.

  • MIS Reports & Dashboard

    GCT has a completely new approach to prepare MIS Reports & Dashboard which is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Pricing Analytics

    Building upon the GCT predictive pricing model which is used to manage their prices and promotions, we take it to the next level and implement full-fledged profit optimization tools.

  • Spend Analysis

    We design spend analysis of company-wide purchases, one that’s super-fast, loaded with reliable supplier data, and available on-demand.


Customer analytics is becoming critical day by day. To understand why, consider this: Customers are being more empowered and connected than ever. Customers have access to information anywhere, any time – where to shop, what to buy, how much to pay, etc. That makes it increasingly important to predict how the customers will behave when interacting with one’s organization, so one can respond accordingly. The deeper one’s understanding of customers' buying habits and lifestyle preferences, the more accurate one’s prediction of future buying behaviours will be – and the more successful one will be at delivering relevant offers that attract rather than alienate customers.

Customer analytics has now evolved as a complete to answer the needs of today’s competitive marketing environment. Today, Most of the organization targets the online users to gather the needful information about the customer’s online behavior. The customer analytics helps the business to dynamically consolidate customer interaction data which is gathered via multiple touch points into abstract groups or clusters so that evolving trends and patterns could be straightforwardly recognized. These insights are derived from the interactions stirring the diverse channels such as web, call center, mobile, mails, campaigns and many more.

According to the MarketsandMarkets, the customer analytics market to grow from $1,623.2 million in 2014 to $4,054.9 million by 2019. In terms of regions, North America and Europe are expected to be the biggest markets in terms of revenue contribution, while Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America are expected to experience increased market traction, during the forecast period.

With customer analytics, one can

  • Increase response rates, customer loyalty and, ultimately, ROI by contacting the right customers with highly relevant offers and messages.
  • Reduce campaign costs by targeting those customers most likely to respond.
  • Decrease attrition by accurately predicting customers most likely to leave and developing the right proactive campaigns to retain them.
  • Deliver the right message by segmenting customers more effectively and better understanding target populations.





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